Literals Syntax

TypeLiteral syntax
INTdecimal: 42, -123, 0
hex: 0x????..
binary: 0b????..
octal: 0o????..
Decimal (requires no_float+decimal)
42.0, -123.456, 123., 123.456e-10
Ranges in switch cases-10..10 (exclusive), 0..=50 (inclusive)
Normal string"... \x?? \u???? \U???????? ..."
String with continuation"this is the first line\
second line\
the third line"
Multi-line literal string `this is the first line
second line
the last line`
Multi-line literal string with interpolation `this is the first field: ${obj.field1}
second field: {obj.field2}
the last field: ${obj.field3}`
Charactersingle: '?'
ASCII hex: '\x??'
Unicode: '\u????', '\U????????'
Array[ ???, ???, ??? ]
Object map#{ a: ???, b: ???, c: ???, "def": ??? }
Boolean truetrue
Boolean falsefalse