rhai-autodocs: Generate API Documentation

rhai-autodocs helps generate API documentation, in MarkDown or MDX format, for functions registered inside an Engine instance.

It is typically imported as a build dependency into the build script.

The MarkDown/MDX files can then be used to create a static documentation site using generators such as mdbook or Docusaurus.

On crates.io: rhai-autodocs

On GitHub: rhaiscript/rhai-autodocs



rhai = "1.18.0"
rhai-autodocs = "0.4"           # use rhai-autodocs crate


fn main() {
    // Specify an environment variable that points to the directory
    // where the documentation will be generated.
    if let Ok(docs_path) = std::env::var("DOCS_DIR") {
        let mut engine = rhai::Engine::new();

        // register custom functions and types...
        // or load packages...

        let docs = rhai_autodocs::options()
            .expect("failed to generate documentation");

        // Write the documentation to a file etc.