Throw Exception on Error

All Engine evaluation API methods return Result<T, Box<rhai::EvalAltResult>> with EvalAltResult holding error information.

To deliberately return an error, use the throw keyword.

if some_bad_condition_has_happened {
    throw error;    // 'throw' any value as the exception

throw;              // defaults to '()'

Exceptions thrown via throw in the script can be captured in Rust by matching EvalAltResult::ErrorRuntime(value, position) with the exception value captured by value.

let result = engine.eval::<i64>(
    let x = 42;

    if x > 0 {
        throw x;

println!("{result}");       // prints "Runtime error: 42 (line 5, position 15)"

Catch a Thrown Exception

It is possible to catch an exception instead of having it abort the evaluation of the entire script via the trycatch statement common to many C-like languages.

fn code_that_throws() {
    throw 42;

catch (err)         // 'err' captures the thrown exception value
    print(err);     // prints 42