Disable Looping

For certain scripts, especially those in embedded usage for straight calculations, or where Rhai script AST’s are eventually transcribed into some other instruction set, looping may be undesirable as it may not be supported by the application itself.

Rhai looping constructs include the while, loop, do and for statements.

Although it is possible to disable these keywords via Engine::disable_symbol, it is simpler to disable all looping via Engine::set_allow_looping.

use rhai::Engine;

let mut engine = Engine::new();

// Disable looping

// The following all return parse errors.

engine.compile("while x == y { x += 1; }")?;

engine.compile(r#"loop { print("hello world!"); }"#)?;

engine.compile("do { x += 1; } until x > 10;")?;

engine.compile("for n in 0..10 { print(n); }")?;