Evaluate Expressions Only

Tip: Dynamic

Use Dynamic if you’re uncertain of the return type.

Very often, a use case does not require a full-blown scripting language, but only needs to evaluate expressions.

In these cases, use the Engine::compile_expression and Engine::eval_expression methods or their _with_scope variants.

let result: i64 = engine.eval_expression("2 + (10 + 10) * 2")?;

let result: Dynamic = engine.eval_expression("get_value(42)")?;

// Usually this is done together with a custom scope with variables...

let mut scope = Scope::new();

scope.push("x", 42_i64);
scope.push_constant("SCALE", 10_i64);

let result: i64 = engine.eval_expression_with_scope(&mut scope,
                        "(x + 1) * SCALE"

No statements allowed

When evaluating expressions, no full-blown statement (e.g. if, while, for, fn) – not even variable assignment – is supported and will be considered syntax errors.

This is true even for if expressions, switch expressions, statement expressions and anonymous functions/closures.

// The following are all syntax errors because the script
// is not a strict expression.

engine.eval_expression::<()>("x = 42")?;

let ast = engine.compile_expression("let x = 42")?;

let result = engine.eval_expression_with_scope::<i64>(&mut scope,
                    "if x { 42 } else { 123 }"

let fp: FnPtr = engine.eval_expression("|x| x + 1")?;