Compile a Script (to AST)

To repeatedly evaluate a script, compile it first with Engine::compile into an AST (Abstract Syntax Tree) form.

Engine::eval_ast_XXX and Engine::run_ast_XXX evaluate a pre-compiled AST.

// Compile to an AST and store it for later evaluations
let ast = engine.compile("40 + 2")?;

for _ in 0..42 {
    let result: i64 = engine.eval_ast(&ast)?;

    println!("Answer #{}: {}", i, result);      // prints 42

Tip: Compile script file

Compiling script files is also supported via Engine::compile_file (not available for no_std or WASM builds).

let ast = engine.compile_file("hello_world.rhai".into())?;

AST manipulation API

Advanced users who may want to manipulate an AST, especially the functions contained within, should see the section on Manage AST’s for more details.