Advanced Usage – Restore NativeCallContext

The NativeCallContext type encapsulates the entire context of a script up to the particular point of the native Rust function call.

The data inside a NativeCallContext can be stored (as a type NativeCallContextStore) for later use, when a new NativeCallContext can be constructed based on these stored data.

A reconstructed NativeCallContext acts almost the same as the original instance, so it is possible to suspend the evaluation of a script, and to continue at a later time with a new NativeCallContext.

Doing so requires the internals feature to access internal API’s.

Step 1: Store NativeCallContext data

// Store context for later use
let context_data = context.store_data();

// ... store 'context_data' somewhere ...

Step 2: Restore NativeCallContext

// ... do something else ...

// Restore the context
let context_data = secret_database.get();

let new_context = context_data.create_context(&engine);